Sunday, March 31, 2013

Preparing Hannah for the new baby

What has been exciting is that Hannah totally seems to get what is happening! Due to having so many friends and family having babies lately she has seen first hand babies inside the mommy's bellies and then the babies being born!

She has loved since I can remember kissing my belly, talking to the baby, hugging the baby and feeling the baby "say hello" (kicking was not a word that worked well for her since she thought she should kick it back!).

That said, we are fully aware her little world will be drastically rocked when this baby comes so we have tried to be as proactive as possible to help her prepare.

Some things we have done include: 
- talking lots about the baby and what will happen, while assuring Hannah of how special she is and what will happen with her when the baby is born too.
- letting Hannah be a part of a lot of the preparing - we ask her names she likes, let her help sort baby clothes, set up the crib, pick out the material for the baby sheets I would make, etc
- do special things for Hannah and her dolls that the baby will also get. I knitted a small blanket special for her baby doll and made her a baby wrap that matches the one I made for the baby
she loves taking her baby around in the wrap and is such a little mom!
- the biggest thing is try to be aware of her reactions to things and what she is saying and feeling and address it right away!

I have absolutely no doubt Hannah will be an amazing big sister. She is a very caring, nurturing toddler and loves babies. 

I also have no doubt that it will still be difficult for Hannah. She is a big quality time girl and going from getting attention from both parents, to having a baby take up lots of time, especially for feeding at the start will be hard to get used to. Even with family visiting to do special things with her, I know she will be craving mommy and daddy time so we are already thinking ahead of how we can make that a priority to help her adjust. 

We have also realized once again just how aware and sensitive Hannah is. We have talked about the baby coming soon, but not into great detail. That said we have talked more about things say when she's in the living room playing and we are in the kitchen, but guess what she hears and she internalizes! For the past 2 weeks different nights she has woken up lots (from being a straight 12 hours night sleeper), sometimes to pee but mostly to see if we are both still here. She knows something is going on and things are about to change and she already is showing it in small ways like that.

With all we have done and thought about - will it be a smooth transition? Likely not, but at least we are ready as much as we feel we can for whatever comes as life is about to drastically change. 

Hannah talking to the baby, wishing it Happy Easter, saying she loves the baby and telling he/she she hopes he/she has a good sleep while she goes down for her nap as well!

ps - Hannah is convinced she is having a little sister! She will admit sometimes it could be a brother, but is really pushing for that sister! We will see if she is right or not! 

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  1. Hannah is a smart girl and will adjust just fine :) Bella found it a little difficult at first as well with lots of temper tantrums but after a while, when she figured out that we still loved her, she's just fine. Even though Sienna is 18 months old, I still try to make sure to have some quality time with each of them at some point in the day when the other isn't around. The day goes much better!