Sunday, March 3, 2013

The time that Matt left and I became a single mom of 5...

Not too long ago, both Matt and myself had our own type of separate adventures!

Matt flew to Scotland, to help lead a team of students from across Canada in a spring break missions project, while Hannah and I went to live with 4 kids who's parents had also gone overseas for spring break project.

Although, I really desperately wanted to go to Scotland with Matt (especially since my brother is there on a semester exchange and I really really wanted to see him), with knowing how hard it would be to get Hannah a very scheduled toddler sleeper through jet lag, just to do it again soon after (since the whole trip including travel was just 12 days) and the fact that I was only about 6-7 weeks away from giving birth to our second, I didn't know how well it would work. Not to mention getting through all of the insurance and airline details so far in my pregnancy to travel internationally (although I was cleared by my doctor!). So we decided to do separate adventures.

Some people may think me offering to watch 4 extra kids at this time was crazy, which maybe it was a little, but it worked out really well. Partly, I really wanted to be a part of supporting the project more than just prayer and sending Matt, so getting to watch these kids and give their parents some peace of mind so they could focus on stuff while away was a great incentive and way for me to be there for them. Another part though was my selfish part in it being easier and better for me! (yes you read that right). I do not enjoy being home alone with Hannah, especially at nights. It gets boring really fast putting Hannah to bed at 7 then being stuck at home alone the rest of the night. Also, I knew that communication would not be that regular since Matt would be so busy (and it was even worse with his poor internet access!), so having lots of others around would distract me more and keep me busy not desperately wanting to hear from Matt. It would also allow something different and distracting for Hannah to have all of the kids around.

All in all it worked out great. Hannah adored having older siblings, and the younger kids loved having Hannah there as a "little sister". The older girls were away the first weekend at sport tournaments and had lots going on, but were also super helpful any time they could be. Yes it was more kids, but at the same time, I never had to do dishes, because they had them as chores and well, it was just a different type of parenting!

Here are a couple of pictures from our time and someday if I can get the videos Ill have to post them too, we got some priceless ones!

Together (missing one) on a Saturday afternoon walk around Frog Pond, turned into another adventure since most of the path was sheer ice. The younger ones loved sliding down the hills! (Don't worry I was careful and walked on the snow as much as I could!)

Making Borax crystals on the PD day!

Weekend project - making "puffy paint"

Would I do it again?

Without a doubt!

But only if I was in a similar situation. Ideally, next time I'd love to actually go with Matt!

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