Sunday, March 31, 2013

Differences this time around

Clearly I haven't written on here for a long time. Truth be told, although I write/think through stuff all the time in my head, since being pregnant I have become more and more of a consumer. After work is done, chores at home are done, quality time with Hannah and Matt have happened, I have little else to give! If I am online its simply to read - read stuff going on in other people's lives, read other blogs, read uplifting stories, look at pictures, but with little effort on me needing to type or do a thing (sometimes I comment on things).

And that's okay.

For now my priorities are being close to God, making an eternal impact through work, raising a confident, loving daughter, investing in a strong marriage, being there for family and helping this baby inside me grow healthy the best I can (not written in order really). Everything else is extra. 

That said, I have been thinking a lot about the differences between my pregnancy with Hannah and this one and this I want to get written down so I do not forget. 

So what is different? 
  • Feeling sick - for Hannah I felt nauseous pretty much all the time from 8-12.5 weeks, then it for the most part went away and I felt pretty great until the end vs. with this one, I felt nauseous all the time from almost the day we found out (which actually once we had the dating ultrasound would be closer to 6 weeks than 4 like we thought) and experienced some pretty awful being sick moments, this lasted until 15 or 16 weeks - so much longer and much more intense and worse for sure (although still somewhat manageable and not as bad as many I know, for which I am grateful). And really I can't complain because I did pray that I would feel sick so I would know stuff was going on inside as a sign, since I was fearful of another miscarriage.
  • Baby's movement - Hannah moved like a crazy girl inside of me. She flipped as soon as she could (so likely well before I felt her doing it) and continued crazy flips until she no longer had enough room to. She also kicked and punched A LOT and often many many times in a row. It was pretty hilarious to watch my stomach during those moments! Interestingly, she really just moved a lot in the day and not much at night. This baby although moves a lot, its completely different! Its more just stretches, a few kicks, lots of tickles with it's fingers which seriously is the craziest feeling, and thats pretty much it. This baby also loves to move at night (so we are preparing for a need to teach this one when night time is!). I must admit I am praying this one decides to stay head down and not turn around last minute like Hannah did! (that was written weeks ago, since I'm 39 weeks now and head is still down I am sure we are safe!)
  • Heartburn - I never had heartburn that I can remember before being pregnant with Hannah. Even still with Hannah I had it only a handful of times (and she came out a very bald baby which goes with the old wives tale). With this one I have had heartburn SO MUCH! I forget when it started but I definitely pop a few tums minimum each day. The worst is when I would wake up nauseous and have bad heartburn, but the thought of tums make me want to vomit even more. It will be really interesting to see if the old wives tale pans out and this one is born with lots of hair - if it was, that would be so fun and totally worth it! (okay a healthy baby either way is totally worth it all!) 
  • Braxton Hicks - For both pregnancies I've had them earlier than most and lots, progressively getting stronger and more frequent as I get closer to due date time. Only different I can think of is that this one started earlier, for sure I know I was having lots by 18 weeks. 
  • Carrying - I dont think I've carried much difference when I look at pictures, but at the same time, with Hannah I think I was more spread out and this one is more popping out front. Most pregnancy pants now hurt to wear, especially when BH's come since the elastic is hitting mid tummy more and more shirts are too short to wear already! 
  • Heartbeat/blood pressure - for both I have so far always had low blood pressure which has been good. Hannah's heartbeat was consistently around 150 and this baby averages around 143, but is all over the map from 135-150
  • Hiccups - Hannah got hiccups ALL THE TIME! And sure enough once she was born she was a hiccuping machine! I hadn't really thought about hiccups until this baby got hiccups for the first time when I was 34 weeks. Since then maybe...maybe they have gotten hiccups 10 times, but that would be the absolute max I know about. 
  • Birth position - I have realized nearing the end of a pregnancy, head down babies feel very very different than breached babies. Hannah turned to be breached at 36 weeks, so going until 39 when she was born she didn't feel much different inside. This baby  has shown me what it feels like for a head to drop, to have pressure as they prepare to come out, etc. Totally different feelings! 
  • Timing - Once they were sure it was not going to work to turn Hannah my c-section was planned for 39 weeks. Although I got put basically on bed rest because they were fearful I was going to go early (I was 4cm dialated and contracting lots at 37 weeks), it was predictable and I know the day and around the time I could expect for her to be born. This one, I have no idea! To think that if I had planned to do a c-section instead of vbac I would already have the baby at home with us as it would have been booked for this past Thursday! 
I can't really think of much more symptoms wise that different. 

Same as last time, we find it difficult to find a name for either gender that we both love! 

The only other big differences relate to having a toddler. With Hannah I was careful not to pick up heavy things, now I lift and carry Hannah all the time! I also got to get out and walk a tonne with Hannah, but this one, although we are outside and active a lot, its active for a toddler, so walks are at toddler speed, not to mention stopping at every single thing she finds interesting = nothing I would call exercise really. 

Another big difference is this one has gone by so so fast! So fast that I have often lost track of the weeks and how far along I am. I also have seriously lacked taking pictures of my belly as it grows! Below is one of the few ones I have only because a friend snapped it of me at a baby shower!

36 weeks

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  1. Congrats on your soon to be vbac - I applaud you! Wish more people would attempt them, your body knows what to do :). Can't wait!