Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some positive reasons I haven't had the baby yet!

Not going to lie, I am completely ready to have the baby now. Not that I feel awful and can't handle being pregnant anymore, but more that I am not so patiently waiting to finally get to see this little one and hold it and find out if it's a boy or girl! I'm so ready...but he/she is not yet!

That said, there are some positives that I have not had the baby yet. So I'm trying to keep those in mind! Here are a few:

- My mom was able to make it into town and will be here (unless I go to the very last day they will let me) for the birth and to help with Hannah!

Hannah excited to help with Nanna's bags when she landed! 
- Because my mom is here and I finished work last Friday, I have FINALLY gotten a chance to do some nesting I've wanted to do, but always fell low on my list of priorities to get done.
- We have gotten curtains sewn, made the sheets for the new cradle, made clothe diapers for Hannah's babies, gone shopping to get things I wanted, etc (truth be told my mom did a lot of the sewing, even though I would have done more, but whoever does it its so nice to have things done!)
- I finally have Hannah's clothes all organized for the next size up that she's now into and for the new season (I had been trying for weeks, but with Hannah at my side since it was all in her room and sleep time is not a time to do it, we never got very far before she had to try things on or sort it herself!)
- Baby stuff is more organized and ready for hospital and home!
- Matt had a big deadline for work to get proposals/plans/budgets type documents finished. Because he works with many different campuses out here, he had a total of 10 to finish! Which means he's been working like a mad man to get it all done. If we had had the baby a couple of days ago, it would have added a huge amount of stress and deadline worry that now he doesn't have to worry about and can just enjoy his baby being born without the nagging feeling of all he still has to do!
- now that Matt doesn't have to be working in the office which is being turned into the nursery my mom could start painting the nursery today! We may yet have a decorated nursery before the baby comes....although its unlikely (it will still have lots of office stuff in there for awhile until we get the basement den area organized for the switch. Which is okay since half will be functioning and the baby will be in our room with us for awhile anyway so we have time!)
- we have had lots of time for quality time with my mom visiting - sometimes we forget why she's really here, not just for a fun visit!

Reading - a favourite without a doubt!
All that said, we are ready to meet this baby, so any time they want to make an entrance we will be more than excited!

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  1. Hope you are having a wonderful time with the family before it grows even larger! Praying for you and the baby! xox