Saturday, April 27, 2013

We have a little man!

I guessed I was having a boy.

Deep down I don't think I believe my guess was correct. I was prepared and expecting a girl.

Not going to lie, when they told me that it was a boy (and I could see they weren't lying), I was a little shocked! Couldn't really believe that I had just had a boy. (Couldn't also believe that I had just had a 9lb boy!)

That said, we couldn't be more thrilled!

He is perfect!

And the special bonus to it all - he decided he was ready to come into this world on April 8th. My grandpa's birthday was April 8th. He was an incredible man who left a great legacy, after impacting many, many people in this world. Now Owen gets to celebrate his life of that special day. Our prayer is that he will follow in his great-grandpas footsteps of being a solid man of great character, love and drive. And it was our delight to get to give Owen grandpa's name as his middle name - Gordon!

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