Sunday, May 5, 2013

All she has to do is say "sorry"!

Matt, Owen and I are all dressed up and ready to go....

unfortunately Hannah has stalled our ability to go to church this morning!

For one hour and approx. 30+ minutes Hannah has been screaming her head off and refusing to say "sorry".

A simple request....

but she is stubborn!

When going down for breakfast, Hannah had a little temper tantrum when she wanted to watch a little show before breakfast and I said no we had to eat first. In her anger of crying she pushed me quite hard (while I was holding Owen).

Pushing has been her new thing, she does it for attention, she does it in anger and she does it to get her way. It started with pushing her cousin around, then friends at church and now her parents.

This pushing has got to stop!

She needs to know it is not okay to hurt and push people. She says she understands, but she continues to do it.

So this is a battle we have to fight. As much as I want to be at church right now, she can not think its okay to push and get away with it. She has to realize there are consequences and its not okay. And I am definitely not bringing her to a place where she can continue to push and hurt others without her knowing all of this and dealing with the punishment.

So the battle continues. She screams and cries. We get ready as normal. She says she wants to say sorry, I go to her, she doesn't say it, she looks away, I leave and she screams again. And the cycle continues.

I do hope she gives in soon!

I do hope we can at least make the second service! I was really really looking forward to this morning and aside from Hannah we were doing so well!

But alas, parenting toddlers is really difficult sometimes! And unfortunately for the sake of parenting we don't always get to do what we want. Giving in can only lead to wrong actions continuing...

Sometime the scream will stop and our house will be full of the joys and laughter Hannah brings once again.


I sure hope that's soon!

(Best quote of the morning - I was looking down at Owen and said "are you going to grow up to be as stubborn as your sister?", Matt pipes in "I sure hope not! Please be a push over like your dad!)


  1. Ha ha to Matt's comment - I can totally picture it, and it makes me laugh.

    Sounds like a terrible morning. :( Keep trucking you guys, you're doing great.

  2. Thanks for this post, Rachel. We've got a lovable, huggable, tantrum-throwing, stubborn little drama queen on our hands too. Its nice to know that we're not alone! Although Audrey's strong sense of self can be so hard to parent, it's also the thing I love most about her. I hope things ended well with Hannah. It's not always easy - but you guys are setting a great example for her.