Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Owen`s first month of life

Well dear Owen, you have had quite the first month of life! It has been crazy - full of joys, trials and everything in between, but we couldn`t imagine life without you now!

Here`s the highlights what your first month brought:

First 24hrs: - you were a superstar - we got discharged early and had a bunch of friends visited us at home to welcome you into the world.

Week 1: -The flu hit the house! Everyone except for you and mommy were sick that week! Not a week we really want to remember. (you also thought night was day for most of it!)

Week 2: - A taste of `normal`! Everyone was healthy, Mommy was feeling better, you were sleeping and we got to get out and explore - hitting up the library, harbour front and local coffee shop!

Week 3: - Your first cold! Your sister already wants to do anything she can for you and I guess figured sharing her cold was the nice thing to do. Two days were deemed sick days with us all feeling awful, but you, my boy, got better first!

Week 4: - Dad started paternal leave and a heatwave (for the start of May in Nova Scotia) hit!

No week or even day at that matter has been the same! Your first month flew by fast and was full of many, many, many new experiences (starting with breathing and eating on your own!).

You are loved and celebrated for being here! 
(Hannah showing Owen her card she made saying, Happy 1 month birthday Owen!)

I hope you are prepared because month number 2 is gearing up to be even more adventurous - full of new experiences!

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