Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The things a toddler says with her Uncle

Hannah has always had an awesomely cute relationship with her Uncle Nathan. Now that we are at my parents visiting, and Uncle Nathan is home from Scotland they've been having some good times together.

Here are some of the best quotes and convo's so far between them.

Hannah, "It's not scary (referring to his crazy beard he grew while away)...I don't need to be scared".

Nathan, "Hannah, did you have a good sleep?"
Hannah, "No, I didn't sleep very well"
Nathan, "Why not?"
Hannah, "Just not anything"
Nathan, "so no reason you didn't sleep well?"
Hannah, "No, I just didn't sleep very well"
(she slept through the night without a peep...)

(While running into the living room after having a bath)
Hannah, "Uncle Nathan! Uncle Nathan! Do you want to smell my hair? It's all nice and clean!"
Nathan, "wow that smells good!"
(someone asks if she wants to smell his hair and if it smells good)
Hannah, "No!....it's doesn't smell very good"
(lots of laughter)
Hannah, "Maybe tomorrow you can have a bath...(all excited now with her idea), okay tomorrow you can have a bath and then later it can smell good!"
Hannah, "Okay, tomorrow I will put Uncle Nathan in a bath!"

(while hugging him and saying goodnight, she looks at him all adorable)
Hannah, "I really want to give you a goodnight kiss, but your beard is in the way..."

*And I've just been informed she said a lot more to him while they were hanging out alone together this morning too!

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