Saturday, June 22, 2013

Owen's second month

(Fair warning: This post has lots of pictures!)

Well my dear boy Owen, your second month has been quite the adventure! Here's the highlights of what we did...

Week 1: Daddy was on paternity leave, so you got lots of play time. You were dedicated at church on Mother's Day! (hope to get pictures soon)

Week 2: We started our massive road trip and ended up in Florida. You got to meet your Papa, Aunt Tara, Great-Nanny and whole lot more of your American family!

Nanny with her 7 great grandchildren (you distracted her from the camera!) 

Week 3: You attended your first wedding. Went in the ocean for the first time. First time at the zoo. Lots more driving. First time swimming in a pool. You got to meet your Auntie Ali!

Taking it all in...
shocked by the first wave...

then enjoyed having the waves hit you!

not too interested in the animals...

getting snuggled by Aunt Tara was much more enjoyable!

Week 4: More driving. Went to your first Aquarium in New Orleans. Went to your first baseball game in Pittsburgh. First time to Ontario. Got to meet Grandma and Grandpa. First time in the nursery (at the church where Mommy and Daddy grew up).

family pic with Auntie Ali

we got special seats since you were sleeping in the stroller at first 
which gave us lots of room, eventually we moved down 
to watch the end of the game in our real seats though since they were closer!

fun morning chat time with Grandpa!

It was quite the month! 

At the start of the month you were just starting to respond to our voices and we could get some smiles out of you. With each day it felt like you became more expressive and full of not only smiles but lots of things to say! 

You are growing fast. At your 2 month check up you were weighing in at about 14 and a half pounds and 24 and a half inches long! You are outgrowing clothes like no tomorrow. If you want to slow down just a little I'd be okay with that. You are still my little baby! 

You also probably set a record with how many times in a day a baby can wet through a pampers baby dry (up to 12hrs) diaper. I have learnt to bring not only a bunch of changes of clothes for you but also for myself (yeah that's a pee mark on me in our family pic at the aquarium)! 

This coming month we promise not as much driving since you have let us know you don't really love it. 

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