Thursday, August 1, 2013

A couple of days ago, I came across this quote on Pinterest. 

I loved it and felt super convicted all at the same time! 

It came after a week of many, many rough moments. Mainly, being a result of a 2 year old's behaviour. I realize that no 2 year old is perfect. No 2 year old listens all the time. I have even heard quotes like "if a toddler listens/behaves 60%, you are doing good". Sorry, but 60% just isn't going to cut it. Especially when most of the time, I have a beautiful little girl that is pretty good. We are blessed I know! And we have also worked hard in helping her understand boundaries, rules, etc, while balancing fun. 

That said, she has times in life where she just tests everything. She tests those boundaries of how far she can go. She tests us to see if we will both say the same thing (already I know! We are in trouble). She tests her limits in how far she can go and what will happen as a result. Ie. if we say "Hannah don't throw that" what happens if she throws it just a little. Or if I say, "Hannah, you can't colour on your brother! Only paper" and she colours on our ottoman behind my back as I look at Owens coloured foot, what exactly will happen? 

This was our week. To top it off she was fighting sleep like no tomorrow. 2 hour naps were 1 hour. 12 hour nights were more like 10, and sometimes with waking up for water or pee (which usually does not happen!). So not only was she testing us, but she was loosing it very, very easily herself! Oh and Owen was discovering his ability to reach all kinds of levels/tones in speech so we had on average 45 min monologues or songs to listen to in the middle of each night as he practiced. Cute, but total lack of sleep for us too!

So the quote? 

Have to remind ourselves of this

So I stopped. 


And prayed. 

We were coming away from having the grandparents down the visit, which meant getting spoiled, getting away with things with them that she wouldn't normally, lots more special attention and lots of treats. She was testing to see if that could be the new reality all the time. Can you blame her? 

She was caught in a cycle of sleep deprivation. Could totally understand that! I lost it more than normal. I made exceptions for me because I was tired, but did I do the same for her? 

It was crummy weather, resulting in being inside all the time. She was stir crazy and so was I! 

So this week, I have been praying, I would be more patient, talk through and ask Hannah more how she is feeling and help her out of this cycle. 

Bedtime was bumped to 6pm. 

Expectations were explained beforehand as much as possible. 

Special quality time has been a priority when possible, allowing her to be okay with times she doesn't get it. 

Im not saying all behaviour is excusable. There are still concequences when kids act out and I don't regret the ones we did last week one bit. But we can also stop, give our kids a little grace, put our place in their shoes and help them to thrive the best we can. Not spoiling and giving in all the time, that doesn't help. But small things can make a big difference! 

This week has been so much better! And we have seen and enjoyed sun!

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  1. 6pm! Man! That's so early! Hannah goes to bed then? That's amazing. Em is around 8-830pm because of it being so light out at night times. It's hard to realize they are only 2, we're having that as well. Testing us seems to be one of her favourite things right now too. They and we will get through it!