Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"I want to go to school!"

It's that time of year and I guess Hannah has heard many people talking about "going back to school" (how can you not?). This has prompted her to ask me a number of times in the last couple of weeks if she can go to school. The other morning she sat on my lap, cupped my head in her hands and said "mommy, I really want to go to school".

She's not even 3 yet!

She can't go to school! She's still my little girl!

2013-09-02 15.54.17.jpg

Thing is, I know she will love school. She loves learning, and can be so focused on things - as seen in this pic. Although, not all was coloured by her anything coloured really dark was for sure hers and yes is mostly in the lines! It reminds me that she is growing up...

It has gotten me thinking about preschool...

Here in Nova Scotia, there is no pre-kindergarten. Just kindergarten (which they call primary). So if she/we want her to go to "school" earlier she has to go into preschool, which costs money (which would mean big sacrifices to pay for something extra like that)! I have always been 100% sure I was not going to even think about putting her in preschool, because I can easily teach her all she can learn there (she already knows numbers, letters, abcs, how to write some of her letters, etc) and there are a tonne of other programs I can put her in to have the class like feel and peer interaction.

But should I reconsider? What do/will you do?

At least I still have guaranteed 1 more year with her home all the time with me!

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  1. Bella has been asking constantly if she can go to school too. I feel 3 is way too young (2 is waaay too young!) but we've compromised by doing "school" every day. I print off colouring pages with her different letters and numbers and she has her educational apps that she has to do for a few minutes every day. The longer she can stay home with me, the better!