Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The dreaded/beloved "to-do" list

I have never been a huge list person, although as I get older and have more people to worry about and things on my plate I must admit that out of shear necessity I have started writing more the only thing I need to do is remember to look back on my lists I write and they will be highly effective!

There are some people that are totally list people through and though. I had a friend once that admitted to me actually writing things on her list she already had gotten done just so she could have the joy of crossing things off right away! I love that! I've never done that but I love that! It motivates her to accomplish things and makes her feel good and thats awesome.

However there is also the crowd where the "to-do" list is totally dreaded and overwhelming. The second they start writing the list and seeing how many things are on there they get paralyzed by thinking about things even if its smaller things they totally can get done! I wonder if I became a big list person if this is the way I would slant simply because I remember getting all of our syllabuses in university with the pages to read and assignments to get done. I hated those days just because I would get so stressed thinking there was no way I could get it all done, but then I started doing things and it always got done!

This week is one of those weeks where my mind is in a way whirling and it could stress people out to know the number of things Im trying to accomplish/think of. This is a list week for me! I am trying to get our basement primed and painted, cabinets finished, laundry done, family packed for 7 weeks including entertainment for play for a toddler during that time, work, doctors appointments, and the list goes on...

Could be overwhelming when I look at the list and sublists (ie what I need to pack) but I choose not to be overwhelmed and enjoy the time we have here! So I've decided to apply the handy dandy "swiss cheese method" an awesome method I learnt about during university (unfortunately I dont remember what book it was from or who should get credit on it).

The whole idea of the swiss cheese method = take bite size chuncks out of what you have to do, just start with something, even something easy and then you will realize you can do it all. As you start crossing things off the list confidence can grow and life is good again!

And I must admit that that sweet face from that sweet girl helps me a lot. She forces me to treasure the moments I have with her while shes awake and have some fun away from the "to-do" list, because let's me honest life isn't all about tasks!

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