Friday, November 11, 2011


We bought a house! A dream come true! Now I actually have room upon room that I get to redo and decorate to make it perfectly us and a home we love and others feel comfortable in! Ideas will not stop flowing. I realize though that I need to prioritize my ideas, since my wishlist and reality timeline do not mesh...

We get the house on a Thursday, we move that Saturday. That means in those 2 days anything that needs to be painted or done before we are living there needs to be done. Ive realized, what matters most in that sense is bedrooms. I want us to be able to sleep,and I want Hannah to be settled in her room without us disruppting her (more than we already do in her life). At first I also thought we could get the dining room, basement, bathroom and all of the trims and doors painted. However, I am realizing, we are both working those days (even with me part time when Im not I have Hannah who wouldnt be the best painting assistant), we have our small group that Thursday night and I think Matt has his regular thing on campus Friday night. My goal is to still have some sort of painting party Friday night with or without Matt and do something with Hannah, but still that limits our time to get everything done.

So this is my ranking of priorities which we can get done depending on how things are going and help we have
1) bedrooms (ours and Hannahs, the spare room can wait)
2) trim and doors
3) dining room and kitchen
4) basement
5) basement shelves
6) bathroom

Once we move in that week instead of getting the house completely in order my goal is to paint our kitchen cabinets while its safe for me to do it and I know for sure Im not pregnant. Realistically we will be gone less than a week after we move, so our house will not feel completely like our home yet, but thats okay, I want to do things well and wisely instead of go crazy trying to do more than we can handle!

Im excited for the possibilities!

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